Wheel of Fortune Contestant Wins a New Home—in Margaritaville

A Southern California elementary school teacher made Wheel of Fortune history when she became the first person to win a house in the bonus round…time to celebrate with some margaritas…in Margaritaville!

Laura Trammell, who lives in Orange County, Calif. and teaches at a public school in one of its suburban towns, competed on the game show on an episode that aired on Tuesday, April 27. She won a $375,000 home in one of the Latitude Margaritaville communities for adults aged 55 and over in Florida, which singer Jimmy Buffett, famous for the 1977 hit “Margaritaville,” helped develop.

Trammell had already won $23,690 and a trip to St. Thomas for a tropical island getaway before beginning the Wheel of Fortune bonus round puzzle, which she solved with the phrase “I caught a glimpse.”

“She caught a glimpse. She caught a glimpse of her new home,” host Pat Sajak said, as Trammell, looking astonished, let out a cry of glee.

She later told him, “Oh, I am beyond excited. I’m still in shock. I still can’t believe it just happened.”

Her total score was $398,690, marking a new record for the show’s highest non-millionaire winnings.

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