What It Was Like Filming E! True Hollywood Story Mid-Pandemic

These types of talking-head shoots don’t exactly require a huge team, so I didn’t notice much of a difference in the number of people I met—in addition to the field producer who I had first talked to on the phone, there were just a few others, including the cameraman and the lighting tech (sure enough, I needed the powder). Instead of being there in the room, however, once the filming began they stayed in a different room with the door closed, watching on a monitor in there.

I perched on one end of a small velvet couch, and the field producer, sitting at least six feet away, was the one who guided me through all the talking points for the episode on major celebrity comebacks.

We delved deep into these stars’ lives and the session flew by, the words about this familiar subject pouring out of me like it was any old day in any old year. We said our goodbyes. Surely if we hadn’t been in the middle of a pandemic there would’ve been more “thanks so much!” handshakes with the whole crew, and maybe even a hug for the producer, feeling familiar after our long chat. Instead, just waves and admonishments to “take care” and “stay healthy.”

I went home, took some selfies since I was all made up, and assured my parents that of course I would tell them when the show would be on.

And later that night, I noticed that, during the shoot, my Fitbit had registered it as three hours of cardio even though I didn’t take a step.

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