Watch the Entire First Act of This Week’s Drag Race

Why wait for Friday night when you can watch the first eight minutes of this week’s Drag Race right now?

In the clip below, exclusive to E! News, the top five queens are recovering from last week’s brutal roast that sent Utica packing, but there’s only so much time to unpack the judges’ comments and Gottmik‘s potential as the next Phyllis Diller before it’s time to prepare for their next chance to prove themselves. This week, the maxi challenge is real mini.

As RuPaul explains, the queens will each be playing a part in a new sci-fi special effects extravaganza called Henny, I Shrunk the Drag Queens. It’s based on a true story (with names changed to protect the innocent) and takes place on the Drag Race set, but each queen is teeny tiny and has to fight for their survival. It sounds adorable, but first, they have to fight for their characters.

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