Watch Jaida Essence Hall Deliver Some Great Drag Race Advice

There may be a pandemic going on, but that’s not stopping the Drag Race queens from getting some valuable insight from the current reigning champ.

During the March 19 episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jaida Essence Hall pays a visit to the workroom via video chat to offer the season 13 contestants some advice from someone who knows a thing or two. Jaida took home the crown in season 12, during a fully virtual finale that had her performing from her apartment. She staged a full Ciara music video in her living room—without even a backdrop!—for her final lip sync and won it all.

Tonight, she’s got some words of wisdom for the season 13 queens, who seem thrilled to see her. She says the challenges she did the best at were the ones she also had the most fun with, and she knows exactly what went wrong whenever something didn’t go her way: she got too in her head.

Perhaps her advice could apply to life, as well as Drag Race.

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