Tornadoes and Violent Storms Hit Southeast, Leaving at Least Three Dead

Meteorologists acknowledged the likelihood that residents were fatigued by the possibility of dangerous storms returning so soon but urged them not to dampen their vigilance.

“High and moderate risks are not issued because someone ‘feels’ like it,” the National Weather Service in Birmingham said in a social media post. “There is a reason. Shear is there, instability is there, moisture, lift, it’s all there. Will they work out just right and give us those strong and terrible storms? Well, we’ll see. But all the ingredients are there to do just that.”

In 2020, the United States saw almost 1,000 tornadoes and 76 tornado deaths, according to preliminary counts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“You really need to take action when the warnings are issued and not wait until you can see the danger,” said Bill Bunting, chief of forecast operations at the National Weather Service.

Mr. Bunting said he recommends people have multiple ways to receive information on weather warnings such as using a weather radio for backup, should they be unable to use their smartphone. He also recommends people map out safe places to shelter, such as the lowest floor in their home and away from windows and outside walls.

The National Weather Service suggests people shelter in closets, bathrooms or an “interior hall.” Those living in mobile homes should make sure to find a sturdier building or storm shelter. If outside, people should locate a nearby ditch or a low spot and lie flat with their heads covered for protection.

Officials have also warned residents to have an emergency supply kit on hand, complete with items like a first aid kit, nonperishable food, water and batteries.

“In many areas there will be more than one round of storms,” Mr. Bunting said. “So, you’ve got to keep your guard up until all the threats have passed.”

Allyson Waller contributed reporting from Conroe, Texas.

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