The Snyder Cut of Justice League is getting a B&W release!

Did you really think we were done bringing you video content on Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut? Not a chance! Case in point, today we have a new trailer for the balck and white version of the film! Yes, Justic is Grey will soon be coming to HBO Max to offer us yet another slightly different perspective of Snyder’s grand vision. Check out the trailer up top.

I know this is more a clip than a trailer, but it does serve the purpose of previewing what this new version of Justice League is. It’s nice seeing Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons given the chance to show more of the good chemistry they had as Bruce Wayne and Alfred. I’m really glad that the Snyder Cut has become a success and that Zack got to basically do the impossible! What did you guys think of the new version? Are you excited to see the black and white version? Please, let us know below in the comments!

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