Selena Gomez is “Kinda Missing” Taylor Swift and This New Squad Member

Selena Gomez misses Taylena almost as much as we do.

The Revelación artist dropped a new round of precious pictures of her and Taylor Swift together at what appears to be the “evermore” singer’s crib. Selena wrote on Monday, March 22, that she was “kinda missin this one,” alongside a throwback selfie of Selena and Tay chilling in their comfy clothes.

While it might seem like she was referring to her best friend of more than a decade, it looks like Selena was actually re-furring to another member of T.Swift’s squad.

Taylor’s newest cat, Benjamin, joined the super stars for a cameo appearance in all three Instagram images.

In fact, the second picture in the gallery showed Selena—in her Aaliyah Vintage Tee ($29)—holding Benjamin like a baby in her lap, just the two of them. With Taylor out of the pic, was Selena hilariously trolling Tay by saying she was missing “this one” and not “these two”?

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