RHOD Preview: D’Andra Simmons & Mama Dee Talk After Huge Fight

Talking out their issues.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, March 23’s all-new The Real Housewives of Dallas, D’Andra Simmons has a sit down with Mama Dee after their fight at Tiffany Moon‘s birthday party. For those who may’ve missed last week’s episode, the mother-daughter duo had it out after Mama Dee suggested that D’Andra took her stepfather’s last name to get ahead in life.

On her family drama, D’Andra shares with her mother, “So, I’m sure that when my father died and then the wills and all that were, you know, brought up that because I had changed my name that was one of the reasons that, I’m guessing, they felt entitled to that estate.”

As she continues, the Bravo personality reveals she still has unanswered questions regarding this situation. In a confessional, she further explains, “I’ve always had a certain amount of guilt for changing my name. I always think about if I hadn’t done that would there be the amount of hurt in the family? Would there be two wills? Would things be different?”

Even though it’s been years, D’Andra admits it’s “still very hard for everyone.” This explains why Mama Dee’s comment was such a trigger for D’Andra.

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