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I am not an individual who can actually afford to attend occasions that distinguish between normal admission (standing room) and paid seats. The form of reveals I’m going to are in grungy DIY areas that most likely lack correct plumbing and undoubtedly haven’t got air con. However I might think about there is a plus to buying seats. As somebody whose joints are undoubtedly ageing, having the ability to recline when you get pleasure from your favourite artists might be good. However what if you wish to dance in your paid seat? Is {that a} no-no? Because of a current thread in Reddit’s r/AmItheAsshole subreddit, we now know that in some locations, it’s. 

Redditor u/DommeSinclair lately took to the AITA group questioning if that they had behaved poorly at a Beyonce live performance. OP defined that whereas they’re a Houston, Texas native, they have been residing between the states and Sweden. Apparently, throughout considered one of their stints in Sweden, they determined to buy tickets to a Beyonce present – tickets for the seated zone closest to the overall admission space. The group, they stated, was unlively, however OP determined to face, dance their butt off and benefit from the present. This conduct led to some asking if they might sit down so they might see. 

The request, no less than from the place I am standing (ba-dum-ching), is greater than cheap. There are definitely medical causes to buy seats to a live performance, and standing (or dancing) may be disruptive to their expertise. Although OP initially complied with their requests, they ultimately went again to dancing and ended up being publicly shamed for it by the identical folks. The expertise led them to show to the Reddit group, who (largely) proclaimed they had been, actually, within the mistaken, and that they need to have been extra thoughtful given the vibes round them. 

Whereas we will perceive each side, we do discover it attention-grabbing that the story led to a higher dialogue about adapting and respecting different cultures, in addition to normal live performance etiquette. 


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