Peacock’s John Wayne Gacy Docu-Series Teases New Theory in Sneak Peek

Thus, per Karen Conti, Gacy’s death row attorney, there has been past and present “speculation” about others who may’ve participated in some of the murders. “Gacy always said he didn’t kill all the boys and he alluded to the idea that there could’ve been a bigger picture,” she elaborates. “That there may have been a snuff film operation, and that some of these young men and boys were being killed and videotaped and the videos sold on the black market.”

However, as Karen shares, Gacy never gave her names or confirmed this theory. Regardless, Karen says “he alluded to” a possible snuff film operation.

Gacy died at age 52 by lethal injection in May 1994.

Catch these captivating confessionals in the exclusive clip above.

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