One of Lisa Vanderpump’s Celeb Overserved Guests Had a Pet Emu?

A bird blunder.

One celebrity guest has a hilarious animal story in this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s brand new episode of Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump. The preview shows tipsy guest Cheryl Hines entertaining hosts Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd and fellow guest Joel McHale with a tale about one of her former pets.

“I used to have an emu in Malibu,” the Curb Your Enthusiasm actress shared. “When I was dating Bobby [Robert Kennedy Jr.], my daughter was young and he wanted to get in her good graces, so he gave her a baby emu. Which is adorable, because when they’re babies they’re like this tall. I sound ridiculous.”

“No, keep going,” McHale encouraged. “This is great.”

“Then it got huge, like six feet tall,’ Hines continued. “It would come at you, like he would attack people. You know I said to Bobby, ‘It’s me or the emu.'”

“The emu’s name was Toby, short for Tobias,” Hines laughed.

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