Nikki Bella Fires Back at Claim She “Vacations” Without Her Family

While Brie reminded Nikki and listeners alike that girls’ trips sometimes are necessary for moms to “hit the refresh button,” Nikki promised that she can’t wait to travel with Matteo and Artem once Matteo is older. “I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving Matteo in hotel room with a babysitter. I’m not there mentally,” Nikki continued. “I’d rather him be at home with his dad in his crib.”

But Nikki is certainly ready for the haters to move on. “I don’t ever understand why there are trolls on the internet. If you don’t like what someone’s doing in their life, why do you follow them?” Nikki pointed out. “I’m like, you just wasted your own energy. I hope these people are listening.”

The Bellas Podcast wrapped up their season one finale, and both Bellas sisters plan to take a month off. “Go on those family vacations!” Brie joked.

In the meantime, you can count on Nikki smacking down any more mom-shaming trolls!

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