Kenan Panics Over Damon Wayans Jr. in New Clip

Kenan Is Thrown Off by the Arrival of Damon Wayans Jr.

Sounds like Kenan (Kenan Thompson) might need to have a chat with his brother/manager Gary (Chris Redd).

In a new clip from Tuesday’s Kenan, exclusive to E! News, the titular morning show host goes to greet his guest and old friend Sateen (guest star Damon Wayans Jr.), only to discover that the man has really got life figured out.

Not only has his industrious manager Various Tucker (Neil Casey) set him up with a rider that guarantees a dressing room full of cool stuff, but he’s also got a real estate portfolio and Sateen is becoming the new, “better looking” face of Newman’s Own. Kenan, of course, has none of that.

“Gotta diversify, man,” Sateen tells a stunned Kenan. “I mean, how else are we gonna take care of our kids when our main hustle goes away?”

Kenan starts to panic. He totally has a ton of stuff going on too, he says, and he’d share if only his manager Gary were there to help him remember it all. Cue Gary walking into the room…

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