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corny facebook memes funny cringe baby boomers boomers corny memes boomer memes 19363077.png
corny facebook memes funny cringe baby boomers boomers corny memes boomer memes 19363077.png

The previous couple of months have been fairly tough for me, social media-wise. I deleted Instagram to spend much less time on the Web. It backfired. See, it’s a necessity to have Fb and Twitter for work. And as a lot as I like the madness of Twitter, I can solely deal with a lot earlier than I really feel insane or one other Elon Musk put up makes me bodily in poor health. So I find yourself mindlessly scrolling, but once more – however in a darker place. That place is Fb. 

Scrolling Fb, at the very least on my timeline, consists of some issues. There’s the unhappy cat clickbait, which I sort of get pleasure from in a sick method. Then there are the numerous MLM advertising and marketing posts from tangential relations and the households of exes. They need me to purchase their nail wraps or their collagen dietary supplements, even the odd Herbalife put up. These will be infuriating. However the posts that actually get me going are the memes the Boomers share: memes about how backwards the world has grow to be, how issues had been higher within the good outdated days. Or simply horrible jokes that are not the nice sort of humorous. This breed of put up is so particular that there’s a complete subreddit devoted to them, the aptly named r/terriblefacebookmemes. It is a treasure trove of whiny boomer humor, which for some cause is extremely entertaining. We have put collectively a few of their newest, best, and Boomer-est posts on your masochistic pleasure. Simply do not let the humor rub off on you an excessive amount of. 


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