52 Pretty Good Memes For Mediocre Times

and naked person walking didnt bring phone because thought only had pee michael jackson sitting
and naked person walking didnt bring phone because thought only had pee michael jackson sitting

We have got fairly an assortment of memes to supply as we speak—dank memes, painfully relatable memes, dumb memes, considerate memes—no matter you fancy!


Head - spider on the ceiling me, stepping into the shower trying not to watching me do anything to anger the spider


Text - Girls: Why don't boys get our signs Their signs: DON'T PULL PUSH ONLY


Rock - Angel Luis Colón @GoshDarnMyLife Y'all need to put that shit right the fuck back. CNN CNN @CNN • 1/4/19 Archeologists have uncovered the first known temple to an important pre-Hispanic deity called the Flayed Lord, who is represented by a skinless corpse 11:35 AM · 3/21/20 · Twitter Web App


Cartoon - When your friends are sick of seeing memes but you keep sending them anyway


Product - American schools American schools teaching about ww2 teaching about the Korean War @FreskyHistoryoryOC


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Racquet sport - My friend showing me a cool meme they found Me 'Seen it"


Adaptation - Me on the first day of school vs me on the last day of school @sochach


Facial expression - Everyother country fighting the virus Why can't you just be normal?!? America restarting the civil war *Screams in fahrenheit*


Cartoon - When you wait till the morning to post memes because more people are online We attack at sunrise..


Output device - Gary Girod @girod_gary Me waiting for the pro-life crowd to protest ICE ripping out women's uteruses without consent. 2:23 PM 15 Sep 20 - Twitter Web App


Photo caption - Scientist: invention can create matter in all three forms. Gas, liquid, and solid. My asshole: LEGCON Youknow, I'm something of a scientist myself


Outerwear - Keys check Wallet check The fucking Phone check mask


Text - Me: Mom, can I get a cat? Mom: We have a cat at home Cat at home:


Hair - me looking back on my life


Cartoon - How it feels when you sick as fuck and that one nostril clears up for a minute


Facial expression - Me: *Turns the handle to make the shower a little cooler* The shower: Welcome to the Himalayas!


Dog - When your dog sees you eating something


Adaptation - it's really cool to be alive in america at this point in history because it's like the collapse of the roman empire but with wi-fi


Superfruit - My concerned friend: Food won't fill that void in your heart. Me, a person of science: acoreclim2099


Technology - When someone asks you how your night went Didn't get much sleep, but I did get a few hours of anxiety in


Text - When someone starts an argument with me about something I know a lot about


Cartoon - English tests in 30 years, “QUESTION 5: What is the meaning of this meme?"


Adaptation - 'Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo'


Text - When all your best songs line up perfectly on shuffle


Text - When you didnt bring your phone because you thought you only had to pee


Photo caption - Billionaires when they have to pay $100 in taxes: I am never going to financiallý recover from this


Text - bangarangn1tram: vagisodium: i dont remember this part of the bible After the night he had, neither did Jesus.


Cartoon - Parents: "Why is our son not successful?" Also parents during my childhood: you have no skills Aand you're a loser!


Fun - Why is it when something happens it is always you three?


Text - sarah slothanova @slothanova At least during the 1918 pandemic they had cocaine in their soda 5:06 PM · 7/30/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Product - JEA$Y E @2_jeasy Comment: for this new concept Like: if it should stay the same (ÚNC UNO MINIMALISTA ONN "You Look Like Stress". so they say... v @Marquis_Young I gotta play this uno in a mink coat with some champagne


Organism - I thought the idea of having a 'spirit animal' was a load of bullshit until I saw this giant, punk rock snail eating people. superalejandrita202 | Mermedroid


Face - SUMMER 2020 expectation reality


Text - not. uniq @ehistorywakes you're a millenial and its 7am. choose your path: tweet "lets get this bread" jerk off and go back to sleep in your filth wake and bake stare at the ceiling for a few hours notify everyone how sad you are 10/24/18, 6:51 PM reducedlunch this post came into my house, took me by the ankles and swung me into every available surface blackholesandrevelations SLUT I didn't read the first part and thought this was a to-do list


Turtle - when everyone is posting Paleozoic snibbity snabs and forgets that this champ survived all five Big Dies am I a joke to you?


Cartoon - When bae tells you to write something you love about her AT ASS


Photo caption - When yet another thing goes wrong in my life PAIR UNG l'll just put this over here with the rest of the fire SPRAY FOAM


Cartoon - "How MANY TATTOOS do you need?" Me: A lot


Finger - when you've just about mcfucking had it


Facial expression - God planning 2020 Satan


Wood - A Cat In The Lonesome October O @catvalente A completely empty ferry terminal at night. And the only object in the room is an artfully placed full page newspaper explaining what happened. Because life is a video game. Portland shuts down IMG SO SEN R PORTLAND PHOENIX


People - you, unable to even steer a pallet jack me, forklift certified your wife


Text - Brits: Are the British government really suggesting just let people die and that it might be a benefit?! The Irish: NETFLIX VANE First time?


Product - When you clean your room so well that the only trash left is you:


Bird - An adult in Poland pcb011 i finally know what adults in poland look like. thanks wikipedia


Text - When the spider that you've let chill in the corner for like a month has the audacity to move in your presence @alreadyborad.jpg You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.


Text - POLICE: "Sir, what are these little baggies for?" BIEBITS ME: *nn . THE MICROBAKERY


Text - Cates Holderness @catesish - i know the internet has fundamentally broken me cause i just laughed about this for a solid 45 seconds thothothothot techocolatechocolatechocolate chocolate atemilk chocolatemilk chocolate milk chocolate milk chocolate ADE OOCO TE COCOLA E THADE CHOCO WLK DHOCOLATE MX CHOOD MKE IMR TRACK ONoco OCOLATE MUK D THADE ONDCOLA CHOCDLAE FAR TRADE CHOO ONOCOLATE MCA CHOCO KOA COCO SELOAN CHOCOuTE INRELAN C OCOUR INE NLG CR AEASNIS NALERI chocolat chocolat chocolat cho


Cartoon - Ernie informs Bert who's gonna give it to him


Animated cartoon - Important discovery while playing animal crossing Nook


Face - marsincharge Jena lessice Kendal Krystel Louren B Louren S Maquel Coetund Louen Cheiseo Camto lerny Comptee Please look at the contestants for the upcoming season of The Bachelor and laugh with me. charlesoberonn E E! Online TV Scoop * Follow GeonlineTV Who will be the next star of #TheBachelor? Our ranking: Show us your cloning lab, The Bachelor. greycorbie Your clonesare very impressive You must be very proud. doomsneigh The first man on the left is the original Big Bac

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